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I love RPing

Favourite cartoon character: Many
Personal Quote: "Oh yeah, haha"

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Name: Alyssa Natsumi/Alyssa Collen


Age: 17

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Striaght

Birthday: ?????

Life Story: Alyssa lived in america all her life but her mother thought it was time to move back to japan when she was 10, so they did. After while getting used of the place Alyssa taken care of her mother when she started to go blind. At the age of 14 she was a fast bloomer, Alyssa was always worrying for her mother, hoping she is ok and nothing bad will happen. By the time Alyssa enterd high school she was still worrying and sometimes stays home to look after her, Alyssa's mother, Nora teases her about having a boyfrind and making fun of her worrying. When Alyssa was little she would take her dad's nacklace a persent from her mother, and sleeps with it she would dream and then this four people would show up playing with her after 3 years her father died by a hit and run he died at the hospital after that Alyssa stopped
sleeping with the by necklace.

About Him/Her

Personality: Shy, nervous, happy, caring, sweet, jumpy, worries, soft spoken

Good Habit(s): Helping her mother

Bad Habit(s): Worrying about her mother

Like(s): Strawberries, Singing, Helping her mother, taking walks, clean room, shoujo manga, video games

Dislike(s): her worriness, fighting, bad food, talking the tv, her mothers embarrassment words

Hobbies: Alot goes on in her life

Fear(s): losing someone

Strength(s): her mother, friends

Weakness(es): her mother, friends

Special Powers/Abilities: Alyssa's necklace can turn in any weapon type, from the power of the elemental's (then, briefly), Currently unknown
she is trying to find her powers within her.

Extras: = Eyes: Teal, Hair: Light Amber Brown, long

Dreams and Talents

Ambition/Life-long Dream:


Best Class(es): Gym

Worst Class(es): History

Family and Friends

Parent(s): Father (deceased), Mother(living)

Sibling(s): none

Relative(s): Uknown

Pet(s): None

Best Friend(s): Ichigo's Gang, Elemental Gang

Friend(s): Ichigo's Gang, Elemental's Gang

Crush(es): Chad/Sado Yasutora  (briefly, but still has a little something), Shadow (Currently dating)


Enemies: All who attacks

BLEACH Information

If you're not a human, what is your species? [ie. Shinigami, Soul Reaper, etc.]:



Use the chart below to determine your skills and battle traits.

1 - 5: Debilitated

6 - 8: Below average

9 - 10: Average <-- Alyssa

11 - 13: Above average

14 - 16: Talented

17 - 18: Gifted

Fighting [ie. Hand-to-Hand Combat]: Currtenly Hand -to-hand

Mastery of Zanpakutou:

Other Abilities: Power level sensing 'just a bit waken'

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: Slim and medium busty

Blood Type: B +

Height: 157 cm (5'2")

Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)

Outfit(s): School uniform, sports dress, white summer dress and two others

Accessories: Chocker, her glasses, necklace

Makeup: sometimes lipstick

Scent: Strawberries

Hairstyle(s): long and down

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings:

Appearance [if you don't have a picture, just delete this]:
Extra Information

Theme Song/Quote:

Favorite Food(s): Strawberry tarts

Favorite Color(s): Purple

Favorite Number(s):

Favorite Season(s):

Favorite Holiday(s):

Favorite Time of Day: Day


What would you like to happen? [Any specific ideas? Anything particular that you'd like to happen? It can just be a word, too. Something for me to work from.]:

Character Opinions

Kurosaki Ichigo: thinks he's a good friend and fighter

Kuchiki Rukia: thinks she is a good soul reaper

Inoue Orihime: thinks a great friend

Sado Yasutora "Chad": Alyssa -faint blush-

Ishida Uryu: thinks he's great Quincy

Secondary Characters

Kon: Thinks his weird

Asano Keigo: Thinks they should talk more

Kojima Mizuiro: Thinks they should talk more

Arisawa Tatsuki: Thinks she so awesome

Kurosaki Isshin: Thinks ^.^''

Kurosaki Masaki: Thinks she's pretty

Kurosaki Yuzu: Thinks she's cute

Kurosaki Karin: Thinks she's cute

Hanakari Jinta: Thinks he's cute

Tsumugiya Ururu: Thinks she's cute

Soul Reapers

Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni: Thinks he's so old

Sasakibe Chojiro: Doesn't know what to think

Kisaragi Shin'etsu: Doesn't know what to think

Shihoin Yoruichi: Thinks she's amazing

Suž-Feng: Thinks they should talk more

Omaeda Marechiyo: Thinks they should talk more

Kira Izuru: Thinks they should talk more

Unohana Retsu: Thinks they should talk more

Kotetsu Isane: Thinks they should talk more

Iemura Yasochika: Thinks they should talk more

Yamada Hanataro: Thinks they should talk more

Ogido Harunobu: Thinks they should talk more

Hinamori Momo: Thinks they should talk more

Kuchiki Ginrei: Doesn't know what to think

Kuchiki Byakuya: Thinks they should talk more

Abarai Renji: Thinks his crazy and good fighter

Richiki: Thinks they should talk more

Komamura Sajin: Doesn't know what to think

Iba Tetsuzaemon: Doesn't know what to think

Kyoraku Shunsui: Thinks he's crazy

Ise Nanao:  Thinks they should talk more

Enjoji Tatsufusa:  Thinks they should talk more

Hisagi Shuhei:  Thinks they should talk more

Umesada Toshimori: Doesn't know what to think

Hitsugaya Toshiro: Thinks it's fun to harmless  tease

Matsumoto Rangiku: Thinks she is fun to be around with

Zaraki Kenpachi: Thinks he's scary and powerful

Kusajishi Yachiru: Thinks she's cute

Madarame Ikkaku: Thinks they should talk more

Ayasegawa Yumichika: Thinks Winyo would compare their looks

Aramaki Makizo: Doesn't know what to think

Urahara Kisuke: Thinks he's silly yet strong

Kurotsuchi Mayuri: Thinks Watri would like him

Kurotsuchi Nemu: Thinks they should talk more

Hiyosu: Thinks they should talk more

Akon: Thinks they should talk more

Ukitake Jushiro: Thinks he's fun

Shiba Kaien: Thinks they should talk more

Kotetsu Kiyone: Thinks they should talk more

Kotsubaki Sentaro: Thinks they should talk more

Tsukabishi Tessai: Thinks they should talk more

Template: BLEACH by Yumiko12345

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